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Blok fragment’s ‘View of Murderers Bay’ and SAC’s equivalent

Robert Jenkin writes: The SAC was evidently one of several Tasman Journals made in Batavia during the second half of 1643. More than one evidently reached the Netherlands in 1644 since on December 22nd 1643 The Council of The Indies … Continue reading

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A different theory to explain Blok fragment and its provenance

Robert Jenkin writes: What we now now know as the Blok fragment is a single leaf of paper slightly less than A3 in size with ink and wash drawings on both sides. It is held in the Netherlands State Archives … Continue reading

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Which waka was the subject of the sketch for ‘Murderers Bay’?

Robert Jenkin writes: In Traditional Maori Dress: Recovery of a Seventeenth–Century Style? Wallace has shown convincingly the documentary value of the close-up waka and its Maori  crew, as seen below in SAC and Blok alternatives. From where and at what … Continue reading

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