A bank account for abeltasman.org.nz

Robert and Penny set up this website as volunteers, because we wanted to increase awareness of Tasman’s role in global and New Zealand history. Robert has done most of the posts so far, but is happy for others with a knowledge of WordPress (e.g. Dave Horry, who has already helped a bit) to be co-administrators and post under their own names. Penny has contributed in various ways, and generally clears the website email address. On top of management and administration there are overhead costs, so it would be lovely if we could attract a few donations.

Penny has picked up on Christine’s comment under ‘dicussion’ and established a Kiwibank account. So if anyone would like to contribute something, here are the details: Account Name: Abel Tasman Website; Account number: 38-9005-0971421-04. (Please note that this is a personal account so donations wouldn’t be tax-deductible. It would simply be too complicated to set up something like a trust.)

You can also send an email to tasman1642.nz@gmail.com if you’d like to be added to our mailing list. Abel Tasman news of course!

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